Workspace Decor with Elegant Pinewood Construction

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Ready for something artistic, colorful and playful that caries the chic spirit of Paris? You may not think so, but an office space can be entertaining, very inviting and so amusing.

This project of Studio Razavi architecture for the oldest insurance company in France proves it. It’s colorful, peaceful and fresh decor with its elegant pinewood construction, playful elements, and contemporary furnishing creates one functional, modern working premise where team interactions are free and sometimes even unexpected. The office premises occupies a single floor and the functional arrangement of space: with the reception desk, communal areas, stand-up meeting rooms and storage at the center and the more privet working nodes around; allows different working dynamics without compromising with the comfort and artistic aesthetes of the interior decoration.

The composition of soft, comfortable furniture that combines contemporary shapes with a hint of vintage spirit, the carpeting that goes throughout the office and the ingenious and amusing defiles that spice up the decor, leads to the creation of one very welcoming and enjoyable working space. The pine wood lattice adds freshness and organic presence. The color palette is diverse with strong fresh accents of aquamarine, bright yellow or tile-red, arranged on a neutral and serine base of light shades of gray, beige wood and clear glass partitions – so the final effect is crisp, fresh and … yes a bit chick – its Paris after all.  Photographs Olivier-Martin Gambier

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