Very Organic, Welcoming Restaurant Decor by Kinnersley Kent Design

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Very organic, welcoming and warm this modern design of Kinnersley Kent Design for the French cuisine restaurant in London – the Bandol, offers a timeless mix of trendy copper and brass elements, elegant wooden furniture and clay defiles that combined create a unique ambiance of cozy and stylish emanation.

The restaurant rich in natural light and organic materials occupies two floors on a central London street but still exuberates the warmth of the southern climate and spirit – the centrally positioned olive tree, the additional greenery decorating the spaces, the clay pots and fixtures, the earthly color tonality combined with the shining copper surfaces – all whisper of a romantic sea breeze and the warmth of the sun.

The combination of smooth metal surfaces with concrete decor adds to the diversity of textures and interacts well with the subdued lighting of the bar area, with the wood of the furnishing and the wicker chairs, and of course with the gorgeous oak floor. The warm color palette based on the sunny reflection from the copper lamps and the pink warmth of the clay is underlined by the rich material palette that combines concrete, wood, metal and glass in one bespoke space that will make the dining experience relaxed and enjoyable journey. Applying different compositional solutions, the designers managed to combine the rural style of Provence with industrial elements and materials viewed in the newest fashion trend and at the end to create one very welcoming and chic space. Photo: Kate Berry

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