Tuatua House – Family Vacation Home by Julian Guthrie

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The light contemporary elegance of this seaside project is truly marvelous, isn’t it? The architect Julian Guthrie approached the task of creating a family vacation home on the shores of New Zealand as a mathematical equation, calculating multiple variables – the harsh wind and intense sun, the beautiful views and the necessary privacy from the adjacent houses and the public walkways. So in the end, the architectural composition is dynamic, clear lined and intriguing as a facade and as a division of space.

The simplicity and borderline minimalism of the house are balanced by the rich textures of the materials chosen to withstand the harsh conditions – bagged masonry, and rustic cedar surfaces adorn the premises inside and out. Alternating metal shutters with glass surfaces; voids with solids as space arrangement and soft textures with harsh base the designers achieve one intriguing and well balanced modern composition.

The interior decoration is also simple and elegant as the architectural construct, with some eye-catching details and unusual approaches towards functionality. The color palette is organic and mild – white furniture and textures supplemented with warm beige from the wooden fixtures, gray shades with black frames and … not much more – this simplicity of color is not only corresponding with the facade expression but is also very calming and serene- perfect ambiance for a vacation home.

The art details from the owners collection – paintings, sculptures and ceramics are perfectly in tune with some bespoke and design pieces : like lamps, chairs and other practical appliances; used by the designers throughout the house. This balanced harmony and undeniable elegance (not only as interior design, textural fittings, and art solutions but also as architectural frame and layout) are perfectly fitting not only with its purpose of resting space but even with the sea horizon and open landscape.  Photographs Patrick Reynolds

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