Truly Beautiful Apartment with Dark Brown Tiles by YCL Studio

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Combining contemporary ingenuity and distinct old time traditions the designers from YCL Studio achieved one truly dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere for this project located at old city gates of Vilnius. The long rectangular space is divided in two distinctive moods – timeless clay coolness and monochrome play of light. The historic spirit of the place can be felt in the dark brown clay tiles, the tall windows, and ceilings and is elegantly supplemented by the contemporary minimalism of the simple color palette and the functionality of the furnishing.

Although the place is small, it is full of context, a play of materials and shapes and spirit of style and elegance. The designers were inspired by the historical background of the location. And the old building itself and introduced a mystical and kind of monastery austerity (after all the apartment building is loaded near real monastery building). This approach is cleverly enriched by the possibilities that the contemporary design offers: black furniture surfaces, mirrors, cleverly located fire pace, gap that connects the bedroom and living zone spaces, clinker wall and designers pieces of furniture and lamps. The warmth of the privet zones tonality (brown and dark gray) is juxtaposed to the minimalist, clear color palate of the living zones (again the division of duality) – hues of gray and black laid on pure white surfaces.

Small but precious, dynamic and inviting, a well-balanced combination of warmth and functionality, minimalism and romance – a truly beautiful project.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas

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