The Hotel Room for Ideas Office by ColectivArquitectura

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Alternating wood and concrete, contemporary and traditional the architects from ColectivArquitectura turned this modern office into one very unconventional and artistic space. Located in the heart of historic city center neighborhood of Lisbon the place is reconstructed building dated back to 1500`s.

Some of the architectural elements of the building have survived through the centuries and the current architects have successfully preserved them and incorporated them into the project – like the arched wall forming the focal center of the “reception” area and the staircase framing. Other elements and material are chosen from a traditional and historic palette to bring the memory for the past of the building like the plaster walls and the beautiful ceramic tile ornaments of the floor in the entrance hole. Others, like the recycled wood used for the dynamic construction in the hallway, are innovative and unusual and create the character of space.

The clean and fresh emanation of the interior dеcor comes not only from the construction materials and their natural bright look but also thanks to the bespoke furnishing, the alternation of shapes and textures, the modern elegance of the custom-made details and designers lighting solutions.

Simple and functional in a contemporary way the separation, design and arrangement of the three zones – the entrance room and stairs to the second floor of the mezzanine, the hotel office and the Hostel (more communal office) – are very clever and even playful way to welcome people to work, fallowing the concept of “home office” and whimsical supplementing the “Hotel” concept the designers successfully turn this office space into cheerful and comfortable ambiance to spend the working days in.   Photographs: Fernando Guerra – FG+SG

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