Sunny and Spacious NANA Apartment by

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Contemporary minimal design set in a historic space from the 19th century; this apartment offers fresh, sunny and spacious decor for its inhabitants. Interpreting the Lisbon architecture of this period the designers from had preserved and restored as much of the old features as its possible giving them new, clean read. The high ceilings and the abundance of natural light reflected and enhanced by the complete whiteness of design is the main feature that grabs and dominates the premises. This characteristic combined with the gorgeous timber floors and the modern, unostentatious and comfortable furnishing gives clean and welcoming emanation for the space.

The elegant simplicity of the bedroom, the minimalism of the log hallways and the spaciousness of the closed all have an accent of contemporary design lamps that add to the stylish, fresh whiteness of the rooms. The kitchen is quite an impressive space. The designers had preserved the original tiles that date back to the 19th century, had supplied the kitchen with modern fixtures and introduced a beautiful wooden table that brings the two epochs together. This charming coexistence of modern functionality and old classy details can be observed throughout the apartment.

The bathroom is an impressive space also with its marble-dominated outlook and romantic touch. The elegance of the oblong bathtub is underlined by the luxury of the Portuguese tiger skin marble. And the pink marble that decorates the sink area just ads more charm and specific identify to this renovation project. True elegance, style and warmth with a dash of old-time romance – that is what this Lisbon apartment offers.   Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

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