Spanish-Style Modern Villa in Ibiza

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Stone and salty sea breeze, blue infinity and soft inviting textures, the warmth of wood and the dynamics of contemporary shapes. The crisp whiteness reflecting the pure sun beams. Dreaming yet? Take a look of this project from ARRCC located at the coast of Spanish island Ibiza and the dreams of summer vacation and free flowing sea will come to you.

The architectural studio worked in close collaboration with the clients to refurbish and reimagine the existing three-level Spanish-style house into a contemporary home with interiors at the leading edge of design, where family retreat its compatible with entertaining large companies, where modern dynamic meets Mediterranean serenity. Located on a hill with breathtaking views over the blue magic of the sea and with its one infinity pool inspiration the Roca Llisa villa has the organic spirit of its surrounding reflected in the interior decor solutions.

The designers successfully entwine modern stylistics with more rural elements: cotton, linens; raw timber, stone and marble against a backdrop of fresh white walls give the premises unique, almost bohemian charm. The main living premises are vast, full with natural light during the day hours and illuminated with simultaneously bold and discrete lighting solutions when needed. Throughout the house designers’ lamps, combined with ingeniously hidden lighting are dictating the modern expression of the premises, their mood tones and the mild edges of the decor.

Charming details and thoughtful touches of the design and the furnishing – like the bespoke coffee tables made form differently shaped stubs of wood, or the knitted chairs, or the presence of art spread throughout the premises give the villa its unique design character. Modern furniture and intriguing shapes of the architectural structure complete the picture. The final result is interior decor that is simultaneously casual and elegant, where the soft naturally inspired color palette allows the varying materials and textures to add depth and effortless sense of luxury.

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