Spacious Full of Light Argentinian House

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Spacious, full of light and elegant: this Argentinian house represents an enchanted enticement of wood and concrete, pine trees and sunlight beams. The architects from ATV Arquitectos had cleverly used the surrounding forest not only as backstage and romantic setup for their project but also as an active space definers and a border of the construct. Living trees are integrated into the architectural structures penetrating the wooden decks or providing shadow and wind protections for the premises.

The interior decor and the overall aesthetics are functional, smooth and elegant and the inspirations drawn by Scandinavian and Asian minimalistic are so in place among the Argentinian pine trees that the simplicity and the leading role of the nature are compulsory. The smooth surfaces, the clear lines of furniture and architectural constructs alike are precious thanks to the timeless composition duo of beautiful wood and solid concrete. The alternation of warm wooden cladding and furniture with the transparency of glass fittings and solid concrete and marble structures creates one simple yet dynamic premise with the fresh emanation of natural materials palette. This freshens and a welcoming outlook is also imposed  by the neutral and pastel color palette, the soft textures and the entwining of nature and handmade furniture and fittings.

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