Space Offers Elegant Minimalism With Functional Elements

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This contemporary and intriguing interior design project is yet another example of supreme Ukrainian architecture and modern decoration from Eastern Europe, this time a creation of NOTT Design Studio located in Dnepropetrovsk. The space offers elegant minimalism combined with playful artistic experimentation and functional elements.

The combination of colors, materials, and modernistic shapes is dynamic and entertaining for observers and inhabitants. Entwining seemingly incongruous materials such as wood, marble, cooper, iron, and concrete the designers created a space full of emotion and yet charmingly inviting and relaxed. The American walnut wooden constructs that adorns most of the premises ( living room, hallway, bathroom , kitchen and even bedroom) evoke warm and cozy feeling juxtaposed to the cold elegance of the marble ( in the bathroom)or the robust presence of the metal decor elements – like designers’ chairs, lamps and modernistic additions.

In the living premises, the float of natural light coming from the floor-to-ceiling windows is wittingly unobstructed and together with the free float of space that connects the functional kitchen-dining zone combo with the rest of the living room space, creates an open and free sensation. Here the colorful rug, chairs and the living greenery, balance the overall darkness of the base elements (graphite gray walls, sofas, black metal framing and so on) and add young spirit playfulness into the minimalistic elegance of the modern composition.  Photo: Andrew Avdeenko

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