Sophisticated Italian Apartment Designed By Studiovo

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The sophisticated elegance and clear stylistic of the design excretion in this Italian home, designed by Studiòvo, will capture you immediately. The apartment located in the heart of one of Italy’s most fascinating medieval centers – Lucca, Tuscany possess the organic charm of natural materials, combined and composed in a luxurious bespoke way.

Ingenious craftsmanship creates a space of contemporary beauty, functionality and innovation. Starting with the smooth uninterrupted curve of the spectacular kitchen, where the design of Studiòvo and the craftsmanship of Officine 3076 create a space of highest standards and inspired innovations, and continuing through the bright and serene decor of the spacious living premise and dining zone, the creators fascinate and intrigue with the simple yet marvelous stylistic of the interior design. The high quality of the materials and textures adds to the magnificent charm of the place.

The Canticle apartment also offers a spectacular 360° view terrace with gorgeous wooden furnishing and even a “hammam” –  an Arabic word for a “bath”- tub, luxurious experience.  The poetic romance of the offered experience in this magnificent piece of contemporary design continues with the unique wooden furniture, cladding and design elements throughout the apartment, with the rich textures and natural textiles:  linen and cotton thru and thru;  and of course with the unique lighting scheme. The lighting project is complex, conceived to offer many options for modulating, dynamic illumination of premises and a great variety of designers’ lamps that additionally decorate the space, as well as intriguingly hidden and colorful lighting solution.

So, with its natural material palette and unique wooden furniture selection, with the restrained and delicate color choice (mostly white and dove gray a perfect accompaniment to the materials selection) and with the elite representation of its dеcor design, this apartment offers a unique experience and undoubted aesthetic pleasure.

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