Snow Hotel

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Snow hotel – a South Korean modern fairytale or a new-age take on Alice in Wonderland interiors. South Korea, ah? You never thought that such a piece of contemporary art and design will be found in so unexpected place – but none the less, here it is, and as the designers from 1990 uao and Archigroup MA claimed for this project – the secret is in the details. The Snow Hotel’s unusual design and architecture blur the borders between floor, walls and ceiling, allow arches to define spaces and uses common materials as art structures.

We admit a tour through the interior of this contemporary hotel make us feel at times like Alice in Wonderland – corridors with dark draperies and cages hanging from ceiling, ceilings that reflect and turn upside-down walls and floors, bedrooms with stone arches that resemble dungeons or the pure white marble infinity of some of the rooms. All is imaginative, may be a bit gothic but without being dark – artistic and unusual more like. The irregular shapes of the architectural construct are complimented by the unusual pieces of furniture, the designer’s lamps and of course by the rich palette of materials used throughout the premises – wood, brick and stone, granite and marble, stainless steel and glass – all luxurious and befitting a modern architecture as this one.

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