Small Apartment Turned Into Modern Functional Home

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How to turn a small apartment or confined space into a delightful unique home, combining modern functional technologies, organic and natural materials and a dash of historical value and romance? This Barcelona jewel, created by Built Architecture answers the question in a finest and most artistic way possible. The magnificent decor of the renovated apartment offers a contemporary built-in oak furnishing combined with original 19th-century-floor mosaics.

A cheerful space with refreshing and serene color and material palette: the apartment offers not only a display of amazing custom- made furniture, cabinetry, and cladding; all made from the same type of light oak, but also capturing focal elements from the Modernist origin of the apartment.

Check out the stunning designer‘s lamp that hangs above the unusual table in the middle of the living room supplemented by colorful chairs – that is one artistic premise the memory of which stays with you. The original dynamic V-shaped plan of the apartment and the additional moving, sliding, hidden walls and doors give the impression that the apartment is bigger than it is in reality.

The very high ceiling also contributes to the suggestion of space, but that feature is brought to human-scale thanks to the gap between the cabinetry and the ceiling. The colorful tile floors are framed by new parquet additions, which looks like natural organic combination in this creation of the Spanish Modernism, with its new read and fresh take on contemporary design. The hand-made oak furniture becomes, in a way, a central focal point sculpture around which the artistic decor reveals itself in elegant, bright way.

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