Small Apartment for Young People in Taipei

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How to organize our lives in the limited space of 22 square meters? Surely much harder is to live in small spaces, but there are excellent examples of the practical and functional planning of housing. The apartment designed by Taiwanese design studio Folk Design – home of the two sisters, draw attention and sympathy. Now we presented you this living space for young people at Taipei City, created by A Little Design.

This is a renovation project of an old flat which measures 22 sq.m. and 3.3 m in height. Due to the high housing prices in Taipei City, the living space that young people can afford has become smaller and smaller in the last decade. Faced with such an existing unit which is not spacious but still has a chance to fulfill all essential living functions, the needs of clients must be analyzed more precisely and arranged suitably.

The client agrees with the idea that space is as important as function when it comes to a place where people will live for a long time rather than a room for a short-term stay. ( Though the footprint of the flat might be smaller than many hotel rooms. ) We both agree that space should be left free with the main furniture arranged discreetly to ensure the long-term living experience is comfortable.

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