Small and Modestly Looking Brick House

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This relatively small and modestly looking facade in South London conceals a two-storey house with modernistic decor and sunny, spacious premises. The architects from Phillips Tracey Architects followed the original building (an ex-dentist office) structure preserving the illusion of one-storey volume from street level.

This along with the clear simple line of the architectural layout ( certainly inspired from the late functionalism) and the gorgeous brickwork that clad the facade and links it with its Victorian surrounding ( only in a lighter brick hue) gives the house intriguing and somewhat mystical contemporary presence.

Large windows and sliding doors framed in black aluminum compose the white interior and connect it with the unimplemented flow to the outside. The reflection of the natural light on the white surfaces underlines the simple, clear lines of the furnishing, its contemporary shapes, and textures. The living room with its minimalistic decor allows the restrained color palate to put the shapes (round and oblong) and the texture (hard metal and soft textiles) in central focal position.

The modern expression of the art elements corresponds with the simplicity of the furnishing, the raw concrete and its urban austereness alternates with unpainted wood and its warm natural state. All is balanced, restrained and somehow on its right place. Even the kitchen can disappear behind white sliding doors – and to open a simple, clear space that adds to the minimalistic entertainment area.

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