SiteGround Office Space in Madrid

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SiteGround Office space in Madrid, Spain was designed by Bulgarian design office Cache Atelier. Office space is located on the top floor of a historic building at the mere center of Madrid at the roundabout of Plaza de la Independencia. It is consisted of a large workspace, meeting room, training room, personal office, relax area and playroom.

 The space is a curious mixture of modern IT office space elements combined with a historical background and an industrial feel. As space had a great spirit in the beginning of the design process, we decided to keep it as much preserved as possible and stress even more on the splendid atmosphere. Structural elements were painted in vibrant color just to make them more active in the space. A new feature was added introducing monochromatic yet mesmerizing pattern on the floor.

Custom made furniture was designed keeping in mind the industrial atmosphere and bright and playful color accents were introduced.  A “handmade” feature was added with the decorative elements like real bikes hanged on the wall or bears riding a tandem bike doodle ( bear is the symbol of Madrid) and furniture details borrowed from the popular board game Jenga just to appoint to SiteGround motto of offering handmade hosting and services.   photographer :  Minko Minev

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