Sea-Coast House at Williamstown Beach

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The extensive usage of dark wood and limestone in this Australian sea-coast house project  creates such a warm and solid environment. Reflecting the sand shades and connecting the welcoming interior with the best feature that the surrounding can offer, that the wood cladding, furnishing, and construction becomes the most notable characteristic of this contemporary home.

The facade of the house is modern and quite untypical for its suburban context, and the alternation of white cubes and dark cladding and lines creates one stylish and dynamic appearance. This minimalistic vitality is successfully transfused in the interior decor solution compensating the minimal and functional furnishing and decoration with the richness of the material palate and the complexity of the architectural expression. The designers from Steve Domoney Architecture created one stylish and relaxed ambiance evoking successfully the “holiday and home” feeling.

The clear simplicity of the interior decoration is enhanced by the beautiful texture and coloring of the limestone and the riches of the dark wood cladding and furnishing. This in combination with dark weathered zinc in the kitchen arrangement, or the smooth surface of the flooring throughout the house creates one very stylish and refine ambiance. Additional elegant touches like designers’ lighting solutions, bespoke furniture or decorative elements enrich the experience and define the design as one beautiful and welcoming creation.  Photographs: Derek Swalwell

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