SB House – Wrapped in a Shell of Concrete

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Wrapped in a shell of concrete, glass walls and iron this family residence – the newest project of renown architectural studio Pitsou Kedem located in Tel Aviv, offers not only a very sunny dominion for its interior but also a trendy reference to the 1950s’ Modernism movement. The concrete cube with its abstract and dynamic shapes – voids, cantilevered volumes that hang in a glass fragility and secret passages, has a privately sheltered facade that hidden behind lush vegetation and wooden louvers almost modestly meets the passengers.

The modernistic and clear-lined architectural shape logically hosts contemporary and trendy interior design. The raw concrete shapes and fittings are framed by black metal construct (including the elegant thin shapes of some of the furniture) and supplemented by wooden parquet and functional yet uniquely shaped furniture pieces. The color palette is defined in a way by the abundance of natural sunlight and the grayish dominion of the main shell. Occasional splashes of strong, vital colors like red ornaments and yellow details only straighten the reference to the midcentury Modernism dynamics. The warmth of the wood and surrounding greenery adds to the homey sensation of the place. The beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass door that leads to the invitingly looking swimming pool only emphasize the connection of the house with its surrounding and the strong relation between natural light and inhabitable premises.

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