Sala Ayutthaya Boutique Hotel in Thailand

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The beautiful architecture and design of this boutique Thailand hotel emanates clean neatness and stylish simplicity – here the intriguing multi-waved geometrics of the impressive brick walls meets light and clear structures in white and marble. The architects from Onion had based their design on contemporary minimalistic approach but still adopted an eclectic transfuse of some local traditions and cultural references – starting with the massive antique wooden door at the entrance, passing by the local flora and trees that have not only stylish but also a symbolic presence and of course the many design details that adorn each room – remind us that we are in a neat version of exotic Thailand.

Each room (with the modest twenty-six room selection)  has its one unique character and memorable features – some have a privet swimming pool, some secluded terrace, some wonderful view from the city historic center and the beautiful, built in 1353 AD, Phut that Sawan Temple. But in all the rooms and throughout the hotel (reception, gallery, restaurant and bar) the material palette used is sophisticated and stylish. Wooden structures and beams are juxtaposed to local bricks walls, marble and delicate linens bring refinement to the premises and the traditional design elements (like the typical for Thai’s beliefs- leaping tiger, or the local woodwork of beds, sinks and bedrooms) carry the spirit of exquisite luxury with a hint of exotic. So in the end this white and bright space with its artistic features and unusual shapes capture with its thoughtful design and harmonious architecture.  Photographs: Wison Tungthunya

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