Rustic Charm Home by Fabio Carrabetta

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This very organic ambiance composed with elements of rustic charm and simplicity expressions translated in contemporary design language is combining eco-friendly recycled elements and functional, minimalist fittings. The home is located in Rome, Italy and is created by Fabio Carrabetta.

The alternation of wood, stone, marble and concrete in the design material palette defines the organic character of the place supplemented by high-end fashionable lighting solution and modern furnishing and finishes. The intriguing presence of the home starts with the very secluded and unusual facade where the metal shutters of the windows can be closed concealing the house from the outside observer. As juxtaposition the interior premises of the home are open and interconnected -to provide a communal living space binding in one the kitchen, dinning and living zones.

The ultra-modern and minimalist kitchen island with its black marble worktop is supplemented by and installation of untainted wood trunk – like a tree growing inside of the come. This duality of modern and organic continues with the very impressive dining zone was a magnificent century old olive tree top is placed upon a base of massive Roman travertine. The combination of minimalist contemporary approach with natural elements is very well presented even in the art piece that decorates the dining zone wall- wooden frame and blank wavy paper. Clever and artistic elements like this spread throughout the home like the wooden door knob in the entrance hall or the untainted wood piece hanging above the master bed; bring a unique Nature signature into the contemporary design composition.  Photography by Luigi Filetici

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