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Renovation Project by Architects EAT Turn Old Chocolate Factory into Dynamic Living Space

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Hard to believe but this dynamic and contemporary space located in Melbourne, Australia is a result of reconstruction of old chocolate factory building. But that will explain its unique and intriguing character, wouldn’t it?

The architects which implemented the renovation project the Architects EAT, successfully combined the preservation of the old charming features of the space with new trendy elements and clever approaches towards the space distributing. Brick walls – partially or fully preserved, a steel bridges and beams, sloped roof ( but cover with glass for maximum light penetration) massive supporting columns, artistically covered with patina and other intriguing parts of the loft entwined with soft, trendy furniture and wooden details, create a stylish home for dynamic urban lifestyle.

The clear industrial design of the main architectural shell is artistically softened by many small clever details and features – starting by the fresh greenery spread here and there to vitalize the premises, including the warm natural materials palette( in that count marble, walnut and clay) and finishing with the elegant and clear color combinations. The spiral staircase that is one of the intriguing features (together with the suspended bridge) although is made of metal is still elegant and airy tanks to its clever design. The two inner courtyards bring homey and earthly atmosphere to the composition and offer place to relax and enjoy the full sun light penetration. The pace dynamically combines the density of the urban atmosphere with the relaxing elegance of the good taste – a clever combination indeed.

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