Piersons Way by Bates Masi Architects

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East Hampton is a famous seaside refuge for New Yorkers and is no secret that oceanfront communities are becoming known for their overdevelopment and disconnection from their surrounding environment. But the architects for this property (Bates Masi Architects) had made a special effort, while constructing this residence for a young couple, to combine the family love for modern life with the rich history of the location -a private oceanfront community established in the 19th century.

By referencing the local vernacular in terms of the natural materials used, the architectural silhouette and the overall impression- slightly resembling an old barn -this large house is rooted within the landscape and becomes a cohesive addition to the neighborhood.

The unique architectural structure that leaves the pitched roof exposed in the interior allows very dynamically and remarkable interior design choices. Starting whit the rich natural palette of the materials used – Cedar and weathering steel are executed in nontraditional ways; Alaskan yellow shakes is cladding the roof and sidewalls, the same materials used in the architectural structure are forming bespoke furniture and furnishing elements ( coffee table, living room sofa and drink rails for example).

Vintage pieces of furniture entwine with custom-made lamps and lighting solutions and the combination is accentuating the vast open premises. High-quality materials and delicate finishes are complimented by the natural earthly color palette that blends beautifully with the gardens and the landscape surrounding the property.

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