Peter’s House by Studio David Thulstrup

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Eminent luxury, classy elegance and a hint of artistic individuality – this combination is usually very hard to achieve, but not for the newest project of Studio David Thulstrup. A home for the renowned photographer Peter Krasilnikoff the former warehouse had become a magnificent example of contemporary urban architecture and design.

Blackened steel and row brick walls left from the old construct are combined with a glass-walled atrium that is the green heart of the house and thin, vertical strips from Brazilian hardwood that clad the entire facade and compose the unconventional features of this architectural project. Integrating refined ideas of new materiality and bespoke pieces of furniture into a spatial vision the designers had formed one truly unique home that reflects the vital style and dynamic taste of its owner.

The interior design of this home unfolds and can be observed like a gallery of fine art composition, floor after floor, layer after layer the elegant style and the artistic defiles reveal a home with strong individuality. The fresh greenery of the glass atrium and the fragile elegance of the light wood cladding are juxtaposed to the row robust presence of the steel constructs and the exposed brick walls. The vibrant combinations of materials and textures, textiles and colors are well balanced in elegant and refine manner of the decor arrangement.

Accents in color and texture: like the rich, floor-to-ceiling and intense aubergine velvet curtains from Kvadrat, add romantic charm and bold dash to the otherwise elegant and almost minimalist composition. The romantic infliction of this curtain (making the dining space to resemble a dining hall of a knight – times) is repeated in other tribal arrangements throughout the house: brick wall, brass utensils and African masks in the kitchen, light natural textures in the bedroom, the delicate romance of the working space – all this is so cleverly balanced by the contemporary and innovative presence of the other features that creates one cohesive ambiance of unique style and charm.   Photography by Peter Krasilnikoff

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