Old Stone House in Spanish Countryside

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The alluring Mediterranean flavor streams from this old stone house situated in Spanish countryside. Surrounded by gardens, oak trees, olives and almonds, with a breathtaking view, the house preserves its link with the nature and the landscape during its restoration and enlargement. Actually the architects had played particular attention in preserving and weave into the house dynamic architecture a solitary native banana tree that symbolizes the connection between the house and the plant life that surrounds it. With the same careful attention towards details and style the architects from Hernández Arquitectos create not only the new structural additions to the house but its furniture, tables, wine racks, etc. They live an obvious distinction between the old – restored parts and a new building additions – the old ones are with shed tiles and natural stone while the new volumes had been coated in white mortar.

The house offers good leisure time not only to its owners but also for their many guests – it has style, light, vast open spaces, comfortable ( and as natural as it is possible) furniture and textiles and most of all it has spirit and history. The cellar has a specific old-time aroma representing a half buried space covered with a brick vault. The water premises spread through the surrounding gardens, especially the small calm pond where ducks swim, have their irreplaceable charm. The dominion of white, light colors and neutrals reflects the warm Spanish sun and carries fresh and cooling sensation into the elegant atmosphere. It is worth noting that the whole second level of the house is converted into children’s floor- with large communal bedroom that can host up to 9 kids, jolly bathroom, game room  and all necessary for children entertainment.  Don’t you wish to be friends with the owners and spend your vacations in this splendid Mediterranean villa?

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