New OKKO Hotel by Patrick Norguet

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Bringing you an autumn fragrance the new OKKO Hotel comes inviting us to visit the beautiful French mountains of Grenoble. A dash of French charm, a colorful hint of modern chic and refreshing dapper with a mountain view – this is about the summon of this wonderful second project of OKKO Hotels. The architect Patrick Norguet used smoothly curved and unusual shapes not only in the furnishing of this timeless space, but also in constructing walls, ceilings and fixtures, thus escaping sharp ages and creating artistic, welcoming and soothing atmosphere. The welcoming ambiance of the hotel is also achieved  by the signature usage of strong, warm colors, arranged in conceptual islands that bring this cozy feeling of comfort and belonging. The clever combination of modern pastel color composition, high-quality materials and designer’s furniture shaped as sculptures from a disco era, brings certain timelessness to the interior, still preserving the intriguing character of OKKO Hotel. The lattice structure used lavishly in architecture, furniture design and even in textiles patterns only straightens the implosion of colorful artistic ambiance.

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