New Headquarters Space of Online Platform SoundCloud by KINZO

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KINZO created this dynamic and artistic headquarters space for the online platform SoundCloud. Staying true to its holistic design approach KINZO designers turn this old brewery building in Berlin into inspired office space that emanates and encourages innovation and creativity. With a hint of industrial ambiance, retained from the former factory, the space offers flexible and multifunctional areas that can meet the dynamic needs and fast grow of the young company.

The architectural approach is flexible and allows potential multiple usages of spaces –reception-bar-cinema-meeting area, retaining the high-quality acoustic concept of the design. The dialog between the architectural and design materials, used in creating this unique office, is mediated though art elements, colors and shapes- the cozy wooden furniture and cladding meet the exposed concrete, bare – tubes ceilings and original brickwork, with elegant juxtaposition of old and new.

Using punchy vital splashes of color, unusual forms and furniture, technical installations on display – with dual ornamental – functional meaning, the designers turn the vast spaces of the office into communal areas with strong artistic and esthetic appearance. Giving the sound and acoustics a principal role in the design (after all the company identity requires it) the designers of KINZO give all materials an interesting dual meaning and significance – practical sound – wall or artistic cladding, soft resting space or quiet retreat – the final result is creative and unique space.

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