Mixing Classic with Urban Dynamics in Berlin

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Calling their project the Brew Box, the architectural studio Itay Friedman Architects “cooked up” this intriguing space, located in Berlin, which combines innovatively, contemporary art and classic quality in an unusual and playful way. The owner of the apartment liked the industrial style design and needed a space that combines privacy and working environment, so the architects had the task to reinvent an apartment in old style brick building into dynamic, elegant and contemporary living space.

The architects paid special attention to the accessibility of the premises and the circulation of movement between spaces (inspirationally circular in this case). Clever architectural solutions – like the secret shelving door unit in the kitchen or the glass doors to the living room that have pre-installed curtain system that can secure privacy even to the most public space if needed) enhance the free movement of inhabitants and guests in entertaining and inventive way.

The decor combines elegance with bold modernism and artistic dynamic. The kitchen is very characteristic with its minimalist whiteness underlined by the brick insertions – mixing classic warmth with modern functionality. In the living zone, the central focal point becomes the large art painting, but its dark dynamic colors are underlined by the presence of other contemporary art installations – intriguing lamps and lighting schemes, urban and street art pieces dominate the unostentatious bachelor’s studio furnishing (leather and metal functionality).

The alternation of white surfaces, braid parquet and brick constructs creates and ambiance of classic charm and elegance. This is vitalized and brought to dynamic and young level by modern pieces of furniture, vibrant contemporary art collection and playful mixture of trendy and vintage.  Photography by Boaz Arad

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