Minimalistic Style Office Space for V-Confession

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Minimalistic style preference, unconventional forms and rich material palette, the office space for V-Confession is definitely an interesting example of modern Moscow interior design architecture. The office space is located in the historical part of the Russian capital, in an old mansion and during the renovation of the flat the architects from studio M17, preserved some of the original structures – like the parquet, the plaster moldings and other decorative elements. Adopting the identity of the firm for which this office is designed, and more precisely inspired by its corporate graphic logo, the architects cleverly situate the premise in diagonal volume progression.

The office geometrics including the unique furnishing (tables, lamps, shelving are specially designed by the architects along with some other decorative details) fallow the same idea of massive volumes with diagonal shifting, polygonal shapes and interesting brass elements. Throughout the office an idea of window cladding goes like an ideological link between the different premises – all window jambs are covered with reflecting materials: metal sheets, brass sheets and plexiglass – projecting a reversed image of the streets and reflecting additional sunlight. The executive office space is decided in tone aesthetic and colors opposite to the rest of the premise. While the base tonality for the main areas is white and neutral, here the dominion goes to deep active colors. The architects create this room as a tribute to David Lynch movies and the chamber – lice appearance, the shining bras elements and cabinet niches, the unusual shapes and strong colors certainly achieve that homage.

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