Mediterranean Paradise Hotel by A31 Architecture

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Mediterranean Paradise hotel? – We like that especially when is mixt with contemporary style, a hint of mystery and azure waters and sky. This Greek hotel build in the 80ts was successfully transformed from a 2*hotel into a contemporary 4*boutique destination, and that transformation was entrusted to the A31 Architecture studio. Relaying to the typical Mediterranean combination of white and azure the architects left the whiteness to overcome the interior as well as the exterior of the hotel structures, adding modern elements and minimalistic solutions. This undisturbed whiteness is a clean, sunny and fresh feature that not only defines the specific style of the decor but also offers a great canvas for the additional design solutions.

In the exterior and landscape arrangement the architects relied on organic and somewhat romantic connection between the simple white facade, the gray stone construct and lush green of the local plant life, successful organized by the landscape artist so that underlines and compliments the natural denivelation of the slot and the dynamic composition of the different buildings in the hotel complex. The arrangement forms privet gardens, secret corners and relaxing nests for enjoyment of sun and water- this charming feature is additionally enriched by the Mediterranean plant selection that spreads rich aromas and flowering and offers shadow and relaxation for the eyes.

The interior decor solutions fallow the minimalistic, stylish and fresh approach of the architectural arrangement and offer a charming combination of soft textures, white surfaces, and elegant wooden constructs. The abundance of natural sunlight that fills up the premises is successfully underlined and refreshed by the delicate green, gray and blue elements of the design.  The color elements are minimalistic and cleverly arranged on the white canvas, a pillow here, a chair there, wooden framing or an implicit stone presence – all invoking fresh, stylish and very relaxing feeling.   Photographs: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

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