La Dimora di Metello Hotel in Matera

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Sleeping in a cave like space surrounded by rich organic material palette and the warmth and style of high-class design? Precious! The unusual cave like decor of La Dimora di Metello hotel located in Matera, Italy is charmingly combined with retro defiles from the 60-ts and bespoke modern fittings – untypical combination that makes strong, unforgettable atmosphere.

The architects from Manca Studio succeeded to preserve, restore and add artistic value to the amazing ruins of the old historical site that hosts the hotel. Located amongst charming landscape of ancient history, rich traditions and simple elegance the ruins on which the hotel was build the design composition had no other option but becoming its one graceful story that is retold again. The combination of ancient, modern and retro it’s such an intelligent design approach that leaves little to be decried from the decor composition.

The light, fresh color palette with its earthy tonalities corresponds perfectly with the organic materials that compose the rooms and public spaces of the hotel – clay, stone, wood, linen textiles and elegant glass and metal additions. The custom made light oak furniture, some of which drew its inspiration from the 60-ts design, is harmoniously supplemented by modern defiles (like the airy glass lighting scheme) and contemporary functional amenities. While composing the hotel ambiance the designers achieved a perfect balance between lightness and massiveness, traditions and symbols of modern times and that brings such an elegant harmony and serenity of the premises that we have no doubt that being a guest in this hotel will be fulfilling experience.   Photographer – Pierangelo Laterza

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