JUMA Architects Transformed a Bungalow into a Contemporary Villa

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The simple elegance and light freshness of this transformed 1976 bungalow combine the contemporary straight lines of fashionable minimalism with the welcoming, warm spirit of a holiday villa. JUMA Architects had composed a place of tranquil serenity introducing an abundance of natural light, organic material palette, and unostentatious contemporary elements.

The living premises are connected in one free-flowing space arrangement, where the large panoramic windows connect the inner premise with the freshness of the gardens. The kitchen is very elegant and modern. As throughout the house and here a wood-beige color composition is accentuated by black framing elements. The fashionable Vertigo lamp that hangs above the central kitchen island brings the necessary playful and artistic touch into the composition. Trendy brass zinc battery is also a capturing point of the design.

The living room arrangement is minimal and at the same time very inviting and cozy – a twist that needs a master design to be achieved. The combination of wooden surfaces, open spaces, minimal but comfy furniture arrangement and designers touch like the fireplace (that adds particular individuality to the place decor composition) are essential for the final outlook of calm serenity to the place.

The organic materials palette and the fresh, delicate color combinations of the decor continue at the bedroom-bathroom design. The L –shaped architectural construct of the former bungalow allows the crystal blue swimming pool area to be accessible from all quarters. Chill and elegant fashion – a true representative of contemporary Belgium architecture and design.

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