Integrated Green Wall at New Office of Yakusha Design

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This artistic entwinement between urban stylistic and Nature, between folklore elements and contemporary trends, between home coziness and workplace functionality, grabbed our attention and admiration at ones, so we hope you will feel the same way too!

The space is a modern office located in Kiev, Ukraine and is a new project of Yakusha Design. The different areas of the office offer multiple artistic, innovative and design solutions that deserve special attention. No doubt is worth to start with the dynamic juxtaposition of the dominating concrete structure and the soft natural presence of the vital green wall. Small rustic elements like the stub serving as a table and central focal point amongst the soft sitting furniture adds to the warmth charm of the premise. The cabinet sliding doors are also intriguingly artistic with its textile decorations that brings delicate folklore element into the urban atmosphere of working life.

The fresh artistic details of the interior decor continue throughout the premise – even in the bathroom a blue owl unites the lighting solution and paper-roll in a cheerful installation that adds to the unique character of the office. But the most refreshing and capturing solution is the arrangement of the “blue room”- an elegant office space that grabs us with the deep ocean blue on the central wall – a textile installation serving as a noise-isolation- supplemented by decorative ceramics in the same tone and trendy designer’s lamp that roundups space. So the statement of the designers that they create “interiors with a character” is a 100% true in the case of this modern and artistic working place.

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