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INOUT House – Magnificent Architectural Creation With Blurred Borders

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A magnificent architectural creation with blurred borders and walls and with unusual interaction of elements – earth, water, sky and vegetation. This project of Joan Puigcorbe located in San Jose, Costa Rica is one truly elegant example of contemporary architecture and design. The interior decor solutions are sustained in modern and minimalistic tone that lives the leading role of the interior to the astonishing play of voids and sky openings, living plants construction and glass transparency, water and earth, wood and sky.

The uncertain distinction between inside and out, the prevailing usage of natural materials, the presence of lush vegetation in each distinctive space of the house create an ambiance of welcoming, sunny and unique dynamic. Along with the glass partitions and the transparent voids, which introduce living trees and plants into the interior decor, the main material used in this construct is the beautiful Melina wood that clads the exterior as well as the interior of the house.

The minimalistic presence of furniture – mostly modern, functional and with clear lines, gives certain Asian edge of elegance to the villa and along with the play of light opens the premises and classes up the project immensely. The unusual attachment of structures (architectural and design) goes throughout the house – the shining black granite plot of the kitchen fixtures extends into stylish dining table, the wooden walls transfuse into glass and then into voids, this unique dynamic reveals new dimensions of the topography of place and reconnects with the natural landscape surrounding of this elegant dominion.

Photographs: Jordi Miralles

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