Industrial-Style Hotel Cycle in Japan

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The new lifestyle (more health-consciousness and eco-friendly orientated) requires a new age design and architecture that will successfully answer the new needs. So this Bicycle Hotel in Japan does just that – welcomes the many bicycle tourists that visit Onomichi – a coastal city in Hiroshima – and finds a great afterlife for the old warehouse that becomes the Cycle Hotel after amazing renovation. This great dynamic and contemporary place is just a part from larger complex dedicated to cycling culture created by Suppose Design Office in a small Japanese town. The architects created the project while paying homage to the traditions of the place – shipbuilding and old style Japanese houses. This close correlation between history, culture and landscape, is something of a signature approach for Suppose Design Office. Preserving as much is possible from the frame of the old warehouse and allowing elements from the original construct – like concrete columns, brick walls, metal constructs – to become essential part of the design and the interior, the architects acted accordingly not only to creativity but also to efficiency and waste-reduction.

The final result is a modern space with slightly industrial appearance, but with a soul of Asian minimalism that brings style and uniqueness to the premise. Combining wood and mortar, wireframe shelving and characteristic lighting solution, plants interspersed throughout the space and natural textures – all of this disposed on a canvas of neutral colors – the designers achieve certain cleanness and serenity, of this otherwise austere, interior. The 28 suites situated on two levels, have their one charm and character. They still follow the minimalistic and rigorous style of the reception, bar and restaurant spaces but add specific Asian comfort and cleanness of lines. In addition, staying true to their principal theme, each room comes with wall hooks that allow guests to display their bicycles when not in use. So this hotel becomes a space inspired from a new age idea that preserves traditions and foundations and upgrades them with artistic modern approach.

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