Impressive Architectural Construction of Graafjansdijk House

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Simple, yet impressive architectural construction of this unusual contemporary house located in Belgium, is combining barn-wood and glass cubicles so that in the end the modern facade becomes an integral part of its romantic surrounding.

Graafjansdijk means a dike – a natural phenomenon that has protected in the 9th-century parts of France and Belgium against the storm tides from the North Sea. In this geographical context, the architects from Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects had constructed spacious and light villa that somehow becomes a natural extension of the surrounding meadow and open sky. The glass constructs of the upper floor host the living room and kitchen were the sunny premises and open views predispose the interior design into lightest and sophisticated elegance.

All the premises offer intriguing, modern and stylish solutions: from the architectural niches, spiral staircases and beautiful wooden cladding to the warmth of the gorgeous natural textiles that compose the soft furniture and of course not to miss the stylishly arranged art pieces and designers’ furniture elements. The sun, the wood, and the linen compose one natural ambiance that lights up the premises living the clear lines and simplicity of the architectural construct exposed and free.  The color palate strengthens the feeling of freshness and lightness that accompanies the interior decor all the time: mild tonalities, dominating white and beige with occasional vital splashes of blue and gray is the stylish choice, indeed.  Photographs: Tim Van de Velde

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