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House Inspired by Black and White Minimalism by Radina Gesheva

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The house of the contemporary art… literary! This project of the Bulgarian architect Radina Gesheva is inspired by the street graffiti artist Keith Haring and features many beautiful examples not only of contemporary art but also trendy design pieces (like the VIBIA spider web chandeliers) and unique decor solutions primarily in black and white. Located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia this modern home is composed not only of dynamic architectural solutions, welcoming gardens and swimming pool premises but also by functional yet playful interior design.

Inspired by the black and white minimalism – where less is more – the designers upgrade the decoration approach by introducing entertaining and inviting artistic features, 80’s New York stylistics and Italian precision of design. Exploring the graffiti art one finds it’s like a game of discovery: they are everywhere on the walls, under the stairs, on the facade – all black and white, all amusing and contemporary. In addition, to the artful atmosphere created by the street art, the designers had introduced some valuable paintings, sculptures and colorful furniture piece to spice up the premises even more. In the double-height living room, for example, the black and gray pieces of modern furniture are supplemented by the large soft sofa in mustard yellow that rounds up space. The same tonality of yellow goes throughout the communal premises – like a chair in the dining zone or as a table in the kitchen and gives continuity to the few color choices outside the black-and-withe palette.

Many thoughtful details throughout the house create one truly entertaining and artistic atmosphere that reflects not only the modern art scene and trends but also the stylistic of a unique design approach. Beautiful finishing details like the sing in the bathroom, the fireplace in the living room, the book holder in the bedroom, the screen in the study give not only a unique character of the interior but also capture and mesmerize the observer. This house has many beautiful and artistic features to offer, so we suggest you explore and enjoy them.   Photography by Assen Emilov

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