House B

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This contemporary Italian house that notably draws its inspiration from modern functionalism as an architectural construct and the self-sufficiency from the Roman homes is one refreshing and untypical project for its suburban surroundings.

The beautiful clear lined dynamic of the silhouette alternates natural materials (wood, concrete, and steel – constructing the spine of the home) and the connection between voids and solids creates the space spirit. The spatial succession of the Roman house is vertically translated by the architects from Unostudio Architetti associate, and following the tradition, places its living beating heart it center of the composition. Hence the kitchen and the living room overlook a garden nested inside the building with maples, convallaria and a stream of running water, – a precious piece of nature, around which the daily contemporary lives revolve. The architects had also equipped the roof whit some not so typical functions – serving as garden, a swimming pool area, a dining in fresh air experience provider – the roof becomes an essential part of the living arrangement.

Those dynamic architectural constructs and solutions translate in one dynamic yet functional interior design. Open spaces full with natural light, comfortable mixture of classic and modern for the furnishing, natural stone cladding for the floors and the presence of the wood that adds warmth to the premise – all that provides easy going daily life experience accompanied with style and fashion in typical Italian manner. The interesting lighting solutions, some colorful pieces of furniture and beautiful bespoke fittings throughout the house create the focal center of the design. The color palette is restrained, based on the natural material choices with accents of red and black that provides the necessary dynamic of the arrangement.  Photographs: Gianni Basso / vegamg

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