Hotel Renovation Shows the Tendencies of Contemporary Design

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A complete interior renovation for the Singapore hotel Jen Tanglin – carried on by the Hong Kong-based studio BTR workshop shows the tendencies of contemporary design in bold, expressive manner. Inspired by Asian culture and highlighting the Singaporean theme the designers decorated the 565 rooms of the hotel – each with its unique character: with locally curated wallpaper design featuring bicycles, orchids, goldfish and shop houses all typical for the city landscape.

The lobby, the restaurant, the 17th-floor club lounge – all feature modern, artistic and functional design solutions with a hint of vintage and in vital colors and dynamic arrangements. The restaurant with its authentic south-east Asian cuisine and the aesthetic references towards the local farmer’s market offers one very relaxed, welcoming and comfortable ambience enhanced by the wooden furnishing and cladding, by the warm color palette, the fashionable copper and brass lamps and by the playful ceramic tile arrangement ( bout in horizontal and vertical layout). The spirit of Asian culture and asterisk is entwined with a contemporary approach towards design and a playful twist of a young spirit throughout the hotel but is especially visible in the public zones.

The lobby and the coffee-snack-bar also feature some very creative and in a way artistic elements – like the reception desk decorated with vintage suitcases, the oval, colorful sitting lounges and the catchy yellow bicycle serving as a bar table. All details of the design in the public areas and in the privet rooms carry the artistic signature of the designers – with the bold color points spread here and there in the premises, with the vintage shapes or elements of the furnishing and decoration, with the Asian aesthetics in some of the features of the hotel and of course with the warm welcoming emanation of the spaces.

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