Holiday Home on the Santorini Island by Kapsimalis Architects

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Want a holiday vacation in a chill, romantic atmosphere, observing the Aegean Sea from a hill site in Santorini? Dip your senses in this white, calm ambiance integrated into the hill site amongst rocks and cactuses and although the project offers a modern take on functionality it is still preserving the nostalgic spirit of traditional, cute Greek white house.

The project for these two-storey buildings, containing four holiday apartments is developed from the Greek studio Kapsimalis Architects for the owner – an Australia-based businessmen. The project is realized on a place with natural significance and the height, materials, borders and other aspects of the buildings are consistent with the requirements of the nature protection status.

Exploring the traditional architecture in a new modern way the designers composed the buildings as a white asymmetrical cubes arranged on terraces over the hillside. The open space in front of the buildings hosts slender gardens and swimming pool premise that is linked into the wooden patio so not to disturb and obstruct the view from the inside. The interior design solutions are minimalistic and elegant, composed with organic materials, natural textures and arranged with delicate style so that the inner premises offer cool refreshment and relaxation under the strong summer sun.

The simplicity of the interior decoration corresponds with the richness of the panoramic views and the beauty of surrounding nature. The earthly color tonality connects the interior and the architectural layout with the surrounding nature, the white background reflects the blue sky and sea and the simplicity of the interior décor solution allow the guest to enjoy their unburdened vacation.

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