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H House Rich of Lush Greenery and Inviting Water Premises by VACO Design

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Free flow of air, vast open premises, a rich combination of organic materials and textures, lush greenery and inviting water premises – this project of VACO Design may be inspired from Saigon and typical Vietnamese architecture, but it also has its unique spirit and contemporary character.

The house offers not only a simultaneous presence of openness and privacy (thanks to the beautiful wooden lattice that decorates the facade and the smart architectural construct), but it also shows haw a traditional spirit of decor can coexist harmoniously with modern emanation and dynamic arrangement of premises. The same well-balanced entwinement continued in the material palette, and the furnishing arrangement- wood and exposed concrete compose the architectural shell, metal furniture coexists with rattan mats; modern soft furnishing is placed alongside wooden furniture with vintage colonial outlook and of course the functionality that is supplemented by artistic shapes and element additions.

The premises of the house pay homage to the traditional Vietnamese architecture and design in many ways but mainly through the presence of courtyard, exotic fish pond, open veranda and nonetheless by the typical wooden shutters for the windows and the exuberant tropical greenery that adorns all the premises. Those fresh details together with the large swimming pool, the game’s zone, the whimsical and clever bespoke fittings and constructs- like the cantilevered staircase that seems floating on air, or the handcrafted ventilation blocks that adorn the facade, or the whole entrance compo -bring not only unique character to the house composition but also young and dynamic presence.  Photographs by Quang Dam

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