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Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects Composed a Breathtaking Facade for the Former Barn House

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An exquisite combination of pastoral ambiance and contemporary minimalism? It is possible. This house project created by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects and located in the west – Flanders reflects not only the historical and aesthetical heritage of its surroundings but also the elegant sense of modern design and ingenuity of present. Fallowing the tradition of local architecture and long farmhouses the architects composed a breathtaking facade that alternates the rhythm of the long timber balks and the red and the yellow brickwork of the former barn house.

The continuity between the outside, the historical heritage of the facade and the interior design is expressed by the chosen natural materials palette, the vast windows and sliding doors that blurred the borders between in and out; and the clever orientation of the privet zones towards the inner courtyard and the surrounding pastoral landscape. Metal and glass passageway connects the transformed farmhouse with the enlarged barn.

The interior combines the clear-lined simplicity of the composition and furniture with exquisite natural materials palette (wood, concrete structures and inherited brick and wood constructs). Spiced up and contextualized by some distinctive modern design pieces like the lamps and lighting solutions; custom made pieces of furniture and trendy furniture designs. Particularly interesting is the bathroom design with its custom made concrete fittings and bath appliances. Its simplicity and clear-line shapes have essentially contemporary and ingenuous presence. The color palette of the whole house is composed so to reflect the materials combinations: shades of gray to match the concrete finishing and warmer tonalities and elements; pillows, furniture, art and brass details to accentuate the wood and brick constructs.  Photography by Tim Van De Velde

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