Gorgeous Brick Construct at D House by Marstone Architects

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We just love gorgeous brick constructs and walls integrated into contemporary interior decors. Don’t you? This project of a renovated residence located in Sydney is carried out by architectural firm Marstone Architects and is using the old bricks in a new construct not only to minimize waste during construction but also to connect with the old history of the building.

The new premises are full with natural light presenting a clear lined design with luminous expression. The contemporary furnishing design and the luxurious materials palette (wooden flooring and cladding, light metal frames, bespoke fittings and polished surfaces) compose and ambiance of ease, functionality, and style.

The living zone premises are smoothly transitioning into the gardens through vast glass doors and the modern decor is not only full of natural light but also benefits from a clever air flow orientation. The concrete flooring corresponds harmoniously with the massive brick walls and the balance between modernistic and classic is in the small details (from the designers’ pieces of lamps and furniture to the architectural elements of the vintage arches). The unostentatious elegance of the interior design arrangement, the comfortable, sunny premises and the combination of the old history of the building and the new, modernistic touch of the reconstruction create one well balanced and very welcoming ambiance.  Photography by Katherine Lu

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