Fortress-Like Futuristic Concrete House

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This house in Bahía Azul is like a futuristic ship washed ashore, isn’t it? The domination of the unique and contemporary architectural shapes and the background of stunning natural surroundings live a little to be desired of the interior decor. The architects Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido had created an abstract object that successfully synthesizes the tension between the slope, the rocky shore and the rage of the waves – it’s austereness and simplicity of materials corresponds with the dynamic and provocative shape of the windows that reflect and let through the majestic view.

The gray concrete shell wraps its self around surprisingly comfy and welcoming interior. The wooden cladding and furniture introduce their warmness into the simple concrete premises and correspond with the designers’ furniture that have the taste of  80’s stylistic and functionality. Dark soft fittings, carpets and a wide range of grayish tonalities compose a moody interior that perfectly reflects the breathtaking views of the surrounding temperamental sea. The shell of stone, concrete and glass emanates romantically the spirit of the rocky shore and the deep blue sea of Chile coast.  In short – a house with a contemporary artistic value that still offers domestic comfort.  Photographs: Fernando Alda

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