Floor Tiles Inspired by the Surfaces of the Recent Past

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There is nothing new or trendy in flooring everything is well forgotten old solutions, but reached with the help of new technologies or materials. Take a look at concrete floors as a modern flooring solution. Ariana Ceramica presented new wall and floor tiles but thanks of the latest technological advances tile surface is based on photographs and digital scans.

The entire collection produced by Ariana has a fresh and modern textural feel inspired by the surfaces of the recent past. The design of the cover is based on photographs and digital scans of plastered walls in a 1940s factory. The unique vitality of the manual plasterwork blends harmoniously with signs left by the passage of time. As a masterpiece of Arte Informale, this anesthetic, where the trowel marks, scratches and shade variations alternate unexpectedly with areas where the plaster has come away from the surface.

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