Fancy House in Kharkiv by Sbm Studio

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It is always entertaining to explore an interior design and architectural arrangement that looks a bit like a fancy spaceship move from the 70ts or to say a contemporary decor that reflects the vision of the people from the past for the intergalactic future.

Original house located in Kharkiv, Ukraine offers an organic connection with the surrounding nature, a colorful and entertaining interior decor and unusual, functional and plastically shaped architectural layout. This modern family house is a creation of Sbm studio and possesses not only all the comfy extras of luxury home: like inside swimming pool, beautiful garden, whose trees provide shadow for the vastly open living premises, beautiful staircases and even arbour and grotto for the family’s children; but also unique and intriguingly undulated architecture and innovative installations.

The furnishing is an eclectic mixture of soft comfort, cubic modernism and occasional piece of contemporary design. The color and material plates dominated by the basic sand finishing, transparent glass framing, basalt stone, and thermo-ash. Throughout the house, the classic elegance of beige, white and gray colors entwines with the refreshing, bold presence of stronger pastel colors mainly in the blue-purple scale. The dynamic architecture of the house with its shadow play and smoothly curved and interestingly arranged staircases, roofs and hidden corners is memorable, entertaining and undoubtedly great to live in.  Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

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