Faery of Gold and Silver – Portuguese Bar Instalacao

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Faery of gold and silver, urban light installations and vivid brass elements – define the image of this Portuguese bar called very ingeniously “installation” – Instalação. The floating tunnel – like architecture, predetermined by the long narrow space and its arches, hosts modernistic and urban ambiance inspired by Olafur Eliasson installation and provokes the sensation of dancing in a spaceship.

The architect José Carlos Cruz Arquitecto and the design team November 2010 succeed in creating unique and dynamic atmosphere using arch wiring, intense light installation, brass surfaces and geometrical elements that adorn the concrete walls. The small VIP room is inspired by Andy Warhols factory and is decided in silver shades with unique acoustic ceiling. In the main area the interesting geometrical patterns that repeat themselves on furniture, wall cladding and bar structures create an ideologically and artistically linked space that captures with its contemporary appearance. Ultimately this modern bar offers an interesting place for night life and intense dance experience.

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