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Excellent Example of Modern Architecture Typical for Australian City Life

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The linear progression of this townhouse building is elegantly juxtaposing the light concrete walls to the dark timber balustrade structures of the facade offering an excellent example of modern architecture so typical for Australian city life.

The architects from InForm had played with the alternation of light and dark, voids and solids not only at the facade construct but also in the arrangement of the interior decoration. The precisely lined elegance of the modern furnishing is combined with the well measured luxury of the material palette. Light marble kitchen island top coexist wonderfully with the shining black surfaces of the modern fittings and the elegant furniture. The warm high-quality wood that composes most of the cladding and fixtures around the house is supplemented by the alternation of black and white decor details and the presence of contemporary art pieces in pastel colors.

The spaces are open and full of natural light. The house arrangement along with the garden and the courtyard, the open space corridors and living zones, offers even a premise for a yoga studio. The color palette throughout the house is a play – a play between black and white balanced in the middle by the warm beige of the natural wood. The same goes for the shapes of this house – thin and elegant, laid on a rectangular-shaped base with square accents. This continuity and repetition of the basic design elements brings charm and distinctive style to the decor arrangement.  Photographs Derek Swalwell

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