Elegant Italian House by Christopher Ward

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Cheerful and artistic with elegant features and gorgeous wooden fittings this Italian project of Christopher Ward is an eclectic mixture of classic, romantic and modern. The beautiful architectural structure of this house has many unique characteristics that enchant and capture. Like the magnificent stone wall in the living room that immediately becomes the main focal point of the premise and is cleverly supplemented by the simple and elegant furniture and the other rich textures. Or the amazing bespoke wooden staircase that envelops and climbs the floors of the house bringing warmth and style into the luminous white spaces. Wood and whiteness, glass and metal, stone and light entwine and create a home that is modern and cozy, elegant and playful, romantic and innovative at the same time.

The designers haven’t left any small detail neglected – from the suspended modern fireplace that is balancing the romantic infliction of the stone wall in the living room, through the elegant functionality of the kitchen zone to the artistic and playful elements of the furnishing and the art that adorns the premises. The bespoke metal book shelving is one very elegant and dynamic addition to the living quarter’s arrangement. The small copper coffee-table is just delicious next to the trendy design of the bright chair.

We are particularly captivated by the gorgeous wooden bathroom with its luminous white details, by the originality of the ceiling in the bedroom that brings fresh and calm cottage-like emanation to the space, by the freshness and the romantic spirit that is offered in the wooden porch and the garden areas with their inviting greenery and delicate furniture and not in last place by the freshness of the material combinations, bespoke fittings and vital color choices. Designers pieces ( like the well-known brass lamps by Tom Dixon) and intriguing furniture a wonderful example of contemporary design – enriched by the artistic photographs that decorate the living spaces, custom made furniture and decorations create one harmonic combination that composes a home inviting, beautiful and with its intriguing character.

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