Elegant and Unique Shugaa Bar

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“Shugaa” – a delight for all senses, a refuge for the sweet’s lovers. Elegant and unique with its lightness and unconventional shapes: like an origami flower this bar – party space is definitely something fresh and intriguing in the restaurant scene of Thailand. In synchrony with the chef’s creative menu, the dessert bar interior offers playful sugar elements, sugar molecules and crystals translated in architectural expressions and intriguing design solutions. The zones of the dessert bar vary from open public to privet and quiet (on the second floor).

The facade greets the customers with a unique wooden structure inspired by the crystal of the sugar element. The spiral stair care is like constructed from sugar cubes and even the trendy golden copper lamps hanging from the double height ceiling are not indifferent to the physics of the tasty delight.

The material palette is light and organic. The sunny wood furniture, cladding and finishes bring warmth and earthly sensation to the interior, spiced up by the luxurious presence of marble counter bar, copper details, and exquisite textiles and ceramics. So in the end, this modern sanctuary for sweet delights offers an eclectic experience – you like it social, or you like it privet, you like it playful, or you like it elegant, and nonetheless you like it contemporary, or you like it timeless- the place has it all – a fresh, light design and inviting ambiance.    Photographs FSections

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