Cube House

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Viktoriya Yakusha is a Ukrainian architect and interior designer, manager of Yakusha Design Studio. She designed a Cube House, located in a pine forest, in the town of Bucha, Kiev region, Ukraine. It’s designed for a family with three children. The main principle of the project was the maximum use of natural materials.

Viktoriya Yakusha is a Ukranian architect and interior designer, the author of many residential and public interiors, owner and general manager of Yakusha Design Studio. Viktoriya Yakusha has extensive experience in the field she has been working since 2002 and has implemented a number of projects of varying complexity in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities as well as several abroad. Her artistic credo is as follows: ”Love to each and every project is an integral part of the job”. Today Viktoriya Yakusha’s name is widely known in architectural and interior design industry. Using bold and unconventional techniques she creates eco minimalistic interiors that are nowadays among the most important trends in international design.

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