Countryside Home on a Beautiful Hills of Sheffield

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A contemporary house project that fits to its pastoral surrounding like Cinderella’s foot to her shoe, this time located in the beautiful hills of Sheffield, MA, USA. The architects from O’Neill Rose Architects took the example of a simple local house (the agricultural buildings in the area are wood-framed structures with fieldstone bases) and stretched to the extreme to boldly underline how it relates to its surrounding.

On one end the long plan house is anchored into the hill, on the other, a water stream runs underneath the local stone base of the house (when it’s the rain season). The gorgeous cypress cladding of the home highlights both the newness of the architects work and casts an original context to the local tradition of house construct. The beauty of the cypress wood is extended into the interior where is entwined with contemporary furniture designs and essential lighting and furniture pieces – custom made and fabricated by the architects, including the blackened steel light fixtures and the blue cypress wood dining enclosure. The house design arrangement possesses an enchanting lightness and contemporary elegance that are definite sort exploring.

Created for a young couple that wants to escape the urban jungle and live close to nature the house is full of light and beautiful design angles that make it like a picture from an art book. Cheerful pieces of furniture and splashes of bold, sunny colors spice up the minimal architectural shell and the clear-lined arrangement. Aquamarine blue and bright yellow accents are supplementing the wooden and dark metal elements of the design. The beautiful view is secured by clever architectural arrangement and vast windows that blur the border between in and out. Custom made constructs (like the blue and starry dining corner), designers’ lamps and unique pieces of furniture complete the contemporary decor of this countryside home.   Photography by Michael Moran

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